"I retained Tony Baker to help me negotiate my executor duties a couple of years ago. Frankly, it was a nightmare dealing with some family members. Tony was an excellent and cost effective guide throughout the process considering his mountain of expertise and experience. I highly recommend !"
   - Kevan McKenzie

"I have had the pleasure of being Tony's client for the past 25 years, starting with the first purchase of my home in Ontario. Tony has only ever acted with integrity and forthrightness. When you are dealing with unfamiliar territory, it's a great relief to work with someone who truly has your best interests at heart. Tony even responded to an urgent email from me while on vacation in a time of great need for my family, setting to course a resolution that wouldn't have been possible without Tony's intervention. I would highly recommend him - he will absolutely take good care of you and make sure your legal needs are met!"
   - Michelle Unsworth-Foote

"I've been a criminal lawyer in Toronto for more than 30 years and for the last 25 I've sent all of my client to Tony when they need a will, have an estate problem, are buying or selling a house or a commercial property. He's a lawyer's lawyer. Thorough, professional, experienced, pleasant. A real pro. And the proof is in the pudding. He's done my will, bought and sold my homes, you name it, I call Tony. Five stars PLUS ."
   - Robert Rotenberg

"Tony is an honest and honourable person. He helped us draft our will and was incredibly helpful and super well informed. He is also terrifically personable. We feel secure having our important documents in his capable hands."
   - Debra Friedman

"Tony has acted for me on a number of occasions over the past 25 years, updating wills and providing solid advice regarding my estate. Tony's years of experience are a valuable asset when planning for the future and he is always quick to return calls and emails. I highly recommend him ."
   - Ron Rosenes

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