The following 1 minute video clip is taken from the website of YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Inc. ("YorkStreet"), which is the exclusive agent for my mediation and arbitration services. They handle all bookings, billing, administration, etc. on my behalf.

Here is their contact information: Yorkstreet Dispute Resolution Inc.,, 130 Adelaide St. West, # 701, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2K4, Phone: (416) 866-2400, eMail:, Fax:(416) 866-2403.

If you'd like to schedule me to act as Mediator, please contact them and ask them to book me for you.

Should you have any trouble viewing the video below for your information, the exact address for this link is:


Joseph Anthony (Tony) Baker -- Lawyer, Mediator & Estate Trustee
500 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4K 1P6
Phone: (416) 463-4411-- Fax: (416) 463-4562 -- eMail: